HC08 MCU based µC and linux

Discussion created by vcz on Nov 6, 2009
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Hello all.


I create this topic just to share my work on  HC08 based mcu and linux.


Indeed, in the company I work, we are using linux and for this we cannot used codewarrior (because it only works on windows...) so we decided to used SDCC compiler which is free and works under linux.


SDCC generate .S19 file which is compliante with the cyclone pro for flashing the MCU.


But SDCC doesn't know the mc9s08awxx MCU family so I had to create the corresponding header file.

If someone is interested in this file, I will be happy to give it to him !!!


The next step is to find, or create, an electronic board to flash the µC without using the cyclone pro device (because we need windows with it... via Virtualbox)


Best regards