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Where does Unhandled Interrupt error comes from ?

Question asked by Jeremy Sanchez on Nov 6, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2010 by Haihang Sun

This is the failure that is destroying my application:


Vector #: 0 0x0
Offset  : 0 0x0
Task Id: 0x10002 Td_ptr 0x20001f78 Stack Frame: 0x2000149c
Interrupt_nesting level: 1   PC: 0x00000000    SR:  0x000e


I am using an interrupt port in MCF52259  and when getting a lot(500 interrupts per second) of continous interrupts the program crashes. Changing hardware is the very last of my options (for example adding an 8 bit MCU to read this interrupts).


1.-Why is this happening?

2.-What should be the way to avoid this unhandled interrupt error? (Could Handling these interrupts outside MQX solve the problem???)


Thank you for you help.