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Choosing a Microcontroller

Question asked by Iain Duncan on Nov 6, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2009 by Iain Duncan

I am starting a project for my university course - I hope to build a basic GPS and heart-rate monitor device for a runner. Simply to log GPS and heart-rate data, to then be uploaded to a computer program.


With patchy experience using microcontrollers, I am looking for advice on which one to use. I need a MCU that i can interface to:

Heart-rate monitor receiver (Polar RMC01) - which gives 1ms 3V output each heart-beat detected from HRM,

GPS receiver unit (EM-406a) - outputs NMEA 0183 data string, probably at 1Hz frequency,

SD-card module (uDRIVE-uSD-G1) - to store 2 sets of data


Both GPSr and SD module use serial communication.


I have only used the Freescale HCS08, would this be suitable, or any other recommendations?


Thanks in advance for any advice.