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problems with TPMC0V

Discussion created by Daniel Sanchez on Nov 5, 2009
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I have problems with TPMC0V in 9S08QG8:


1)If I do the following: 


 TPMC0V & = 0x0000;
 TPMC0V = 0x001C * b_two - 0x5455B; / * Valor toma TPMC0V la CE. Lineal * /

TPMC0V not deleted


But if I do following:


while(TPMC0V != 0)


        TPMC0V&=0x0000;                 /*borro TPMC0V*/


      TPMC0V=0x001C * b_two - 0x5455B


TPMC0V clears ????????


2) If  I do:

TPMC0V=0x001C * b_two - 0x5455B;/*TPMC0V toma valor de ec. lineal*/ b_three=TPMC0V;/*visualizo el BLS de TPMC0V*/ 


b_three  takes no values TPMC0V and I have not view?????

What can I do?

Any suggestion is welcome