CodeWarrior PE Interrupt Vector Table Copy To RAM On Boot

Discussion created by rickw on Nov 4, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2010 by Processor Expert

I am using CodeWarrior V7.1.2 on a MCF52211 processor.


I have been writing a bootloader application for the 52211EVB board and started the application from scratch using PE to setup my initialization code and using beans to configure my interrupts.


I require the vector table to be altered after the bootloader has finished flashing the new code and entered it startup function.  I have found on a previous application using CodeWarrior 6.4 framework that the vector table is copied to RAM during hardware init, on the new application using PE framework the cpu.c code does not copy the vector table to RAM??  The VBR reg is set to the RAM area but the RAM area does not contain the vector entries and the program crashes once a interrupt is fired.  PE did create a file called MCU_Init() which does copy the vector table to RAM but if I include this file I get duplicate functions errors with respect to cpu.c.  Both files state they are created by PE and should NOT be edited!!


The CPU bean does allow an option for vector table in RAM but if selected PE throws an error stating vector table cannot be placed in RAM for this processor!!


Maybe I have missed something as PE is all new to me, hopefully someone can help.


Thank You