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Discussion created by Shabana shaik on Nov 2, 2009
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I am working on a board which has MPC860 processor and Intel flash memory.

I wrote some c-code to validate the flash memory like erasing,programming etc.

So, this c-code has to be loaded onto flash memory.



Procedure I followed:


  •      I initially created a project by selecting the 860 processor and the board is generic.

·         I deleted the files which were there in source and I added all the source files which I have written.

·         I gave "Make" command and it gave some compiler and linker errors. I resolved all those errors.

·         Once the MAKE is successful, I gave run command.

·         It executed the config file and made the entry point to "main.c"

·         It created debug.mot file in the default project folder.

·         When I decoded the debug.mot, I found the source code is in memory location of SDRAM but not in flash.

·         I erased the entire flash chip and tried to load debug.mot using program/Verify operation.

·         Codewarrior tool throws an error. The error is because of the restricted address range as the debug.mot has code in SDRAM locations.

·         So, I have created the project in ROM version and did "MAKE".  

  • It throws "Link Error:Undefined:"Interrupt Handler"
  • Referenced from '.reset' in eppc_exception.


What changes do I need to do inorder to generate ROM.mot file?

I didn't change anything. I removed the defaultly created source code files and added my own source code files.

Please help me.