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MCF52259 -> flash programmer to program both flash and MRAM using Flash Programming Tool.

Discussion created by Carl Norman on Nov 2, 2009
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Our project requires us to program some external MRAM while programming the internal flash from the flash programming tool. Obviously the programmer can do this as MRAM debug works, and programming flash works, but can they be combined so the flash programing tool will do it?


I can see various ways to do this (most take time and require some dvelopment). I am reasonably sure Codewarriors Flash Programming Tool can be configured to do this but cannot find any documentation or help on the topic as the programmer uses vectors in more of a continuous fashion, and I am not sure how it will know to treat the MRAM as MRAM instead of Flash...


Can someone tell me how I could modifiy MCF52259_INTFLASH.xml to program some MRAM? Or can someone send me their XML for their settings? Or tell me how they have tackled this problem?


I am using codewarrior 7.1.2 (all up to date), I the selct "Tools -> Flash Programmer".The tool I am using to program the device is the Cyclone MAX. I am also using MQX RToS.


I basically just need to add a section to program from 0x10000000 to 0x10080000 in MRAM along with my Flash data. As soon as my s19 contains data in this MRAM section the flash programmer gives me the obviou error:


0x000XXXXX bytes of Target Memory at 0x10060000 is not within flash boundaries.



Thanks in advance, Carl.


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