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Opinions for processor/architecture choice

Question asked by Avi D on Nov 2, 2009
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I'm a noob to non-x86 hardware, so excuse my lack of knowledge and if I've posted this in the incorrect place.

I had a few questions regarding choice of processor/board for a network security gateway running Linux capable of:


1. Deep packet inspection (Snort)

2. Run Clam AV to scan HTTP/EMAIL data streams

3. Run the Netfilter stack to do packet filtering and routing

4. Do Layer 7 traffic shaping + QoS etc.

5. Manage atleast 30 concurrent VPN tunnels

6. DHCP/DNS caching

7. A web server to manage all of the above

8. Generate graphs etc.


No more than 50-200 nodes will be using it as the gateway, but the total Internet bandwidth available to the device will not exceed 10-50Mbps.

1-2 GigaLAN ports would be nice, but is not a deal breaker as this will primarily protect 10/100M SOHO networks.


We do want atleast six 10/100NICs with 5 being capable of being WAN ports and the ability to add 1-2 WiFi radios. Is Mini-PCI an option?



What processors should we be looking at and what SoC boards are available for this sort of performance that we could order right away to test?

We're not targetting a spendy customer so price is a factor, but the specs above are the minimum performance we are looking for.


Any help is highly appreciated.