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Linker Question on CW 5.9.0; target uP = PowerPC 8270

Question asked by Karl Hahn on Oct 30, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2009 by Karl Hahn

Right now we have only a small base of code on the CodeWarrior development system, and it all easily fits within the 64 Kbyte range that is available for short branch-and-link instructions. I can see that whenever we make a function call in C, the tools give us a short branch-and-link. But we expect that during integration, our code space will exceed 64 Kbytes, and it will be necessary that some function calls will require a long branch-and-link. I have not yet found any option for a large memory model in the CodeWarrior configuration dialogs. So my question is this: is the linker smart enough to insert the long branch-and-link automatically when it is necessary and leave short branch-and-links when it is able?