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HCS08 QE4 can't connect with OpenSource BDM

Discussion created by Martin Dusek on Oct 30, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2009 by pgo


I use HCS08 QE4 MCU along with OpenSource BDM. Suddenly I can't connect to MCU (I'm not aware that I did something wrong with my board where the MCU is at the time the problem appeared).

The program that is loaded in MCU is running correctly


 I caught some waveforms. When I connect MCU to OpenSource BDM the waveforms are deformed: 

(voltage between GND and 3.3V appears on the line, edges of signal are not steep)


When I disconnect MCU the output signal of OpenSource seems not to be deformed.


Is there anything you can advise to me?


Thank you