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Hi there,


Does anyone know how to calculate the execution cycle for XC68HC912?

I saw there are "access details" for each instruction from the CPU12 reference manual. I can understand some of them, like "I" is reading indirect pointer, "r" is 8-bit data read. But I'm confused with the sequence of these letters. I thought "P" and "O" were for fetching instructions, so I thought the access details should always begin with "P" or "O". But there are exceptions. For example, STAA, the access details for M68HC12 are:


STAA opr8a                 Pw

STAA opr16a              wOP

STAA oprx0_xysp          Pw

STAA oprx9,xysp        PwO

STAA oprx16,xysp      PwP

STAA [D,xysp]         PIfPw

STAA [oprx16,xysp]  PIPPw


Does anyone know which direction is the instruction execution going? From right to left or left to right? But either direction has some instructions with "w" first. "w" is 8-bit data write. Why is there a write before even fetching the instruction?


Thanks a lot in advance for any inputs!!