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Help with bootloaer ideas

Discussion created by Matias Ferrari on Oct 26, 2009
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Hi, I need somebody help me with some ideas to do something similar to a bootloader. In my system I have got a FPGA and a MCF5213. In FLASH memory of MCF5213 I have the FPGA configuration and the rest of the program. Well, it is working as I want.

Now I'm thinking in future software upgrades but I don't have any idea how I can do this. The FPGA handles a fiber optic interface, it is the only way that the MCF5213 have to interact with "the external world" so it'll be the way that I send the new s19 file.

My questions are:  

1. Once that I saved the new s19 into FLASH mem, how can I go to the new begin program? and when the power disappears Where does the MCF5213 start?

2. How do I select each program storaged in FLASH?

I hope this little system discribes what I'm trying to do... If not, I'll try to explain more that I want to do.

Thanks, best regards


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