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JM BADGE Trouble.

Question asked by Henning Klevjer on Oct 14, 2009
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Hi. I just got a JM Badge yesterday to try it with Windows 7 Sensor & Location platform (+SDK), and tried really hard to get my computer to recognize it as a sensor. I may have tried too hard, because now all I can do is connect it to my computer and 'press E4 for bootloader'. It looks as if the power switch doesn't even work. What have I done wrong and how am I going to reset it?


Additional info:

 In Device Manager, it appears as a Disk drive, and in the HID-section, I have three entries, none of which I can identify as the Badge. 

 The trouble may have started as I tried to drop a sample S19-program over to the disk.

 When I tried to install the drivers with the "Windows7SensorDevKit" it couldn't recognize my device.


Thank you



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