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Discussion created by Asd Asde on Oct 14, 2009
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Hello every one  I need some urgent  help in programming an application, as I am new to assembly language as we as first timer using free scale MC9S08QG8 microcontroller. 
 I have 7 LED, I want to turn on each LED for 20 second and so on. So first LED will flashes for 20 sec then turn off, then second LED will flashes for 20 sec and off and so on. So far I have done this code, but the problem is that all of the LED are on and only one of them flashes all the time! Can anyone please fix my code!!!
Thanks in advance.
this is the code :

  ; ###         clr     $0060        clr     $0061  ; ###         CLI                            ; Enable interrupts         RTS;** ===================================================================;**     Interrupt handler : isrVtpmovf;**;**     Description :;**         User interrupt service routine. ;**     Parameters  : None;**     Returns     : Nothing;** ===================================================================        XDEF    isrVtpmovfisrVtpmovf:        psha  ; Write your interrupt code here ...         inc     $0060        lda     $0060        ; every 20 s        cmp     #$02        bne     isrNext                        clr     $0060        inc     $0061isrNext:                lda     $0061        cmp     #$00        beq     LED1        cmp     #$01        beq     LED2        cmp     #$02        beq     LED3        cmp     #$03        beq     LED4        cmp     #$04        beq     LED5        cmp     #$05        beq     LED6        cmp     #$06        beq     LED7        clr     $0061LED1:        brclr   0, PTAD, LED1b        bclr    0, PTAD        bra     isrEndLED1b:  bset    0, PTAD        bra     isrEndLED2:        brclr   1, PTAD, LED2b        bclr    1, PTAD        bra     isrEndLED2b:  bset    1, PTAD        bra     isrEndLED3:        brclr   2, PTAD, LED3b        bclr    2, PTAD        bra     isrEndLED3b:  bset    2, PTAD        bra     isrEndLED4:        brclr   3, PTAD, LED4b        bclr    3, PTAD        bra     isrEndLED4b:  bset    3, PTAD        bra     isrEndLED5:        brclr   6, PTBD, LED5b        bclr    6, PTBD        bra     isrEndLED5b:  bset    6, PTBD        bra     isrEndLED6:        brclr   7, PTBD, LED6b        bclr    7, PTBD        bra     isrEndLED6b:  bset    7, PTBD        bra     isrEndLED7:        brclr   1, PTBD, LED7b        bclr    1, PTBD        bra     isrEndLED7b:  bset    1, PTBDisrEnd:        ;bclr    7, TPMSC        pula        rti; end of isrVtpmovf