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M52259demo Usermode Stack issue (still uses the supervisor mode stack)

Discussion created by Mike Hayn on Oct 9, 2009
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Hi all,


I am actually preparing some exercises on a M52259Demo and encountered an issue for the user mode demonstration program.


The complete program simulates a user mode operating system trap call, using the user stack for parameter passing. So I set up a code like this to create an user stack an switch to user mode:


asm {
       // Init for the application (user mode)
       lea      userStack[10], a0    // UserStackPointer init
       move.l   a0, usp
       // switch to user mode
       move.w    sr,d1
       andi.l   #0xdfff, d1
       move.w    d1,sr  
       pea  counter // Still pushes it to supervisor stack...

The code warrior register panel reflects 0x0704 as SR register value, which should be the non-supervisor mode, plus the correct address pointing to my user stack as OTHER_A7. But when I push the pointer to "counter" via the pea command, it pushes it onto the supervisor stack.


I verified the user mode, via the following putchar commands. Those are blocked in the user mode after reset state and perform correct using MCF_SCM_PACR2 |= 0x60, so I guess the switch to user mode performs correct.


I received the code from an old example (target processor 68030 embedded system, so I guess the code performed correct on the old system.


The simplified project, including the code example should be attached to this post.


Any help would be very much appreciated :smileyhappy:



mike aka modEmMaik



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