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MC12334 based Zigbee network rejoin does not work

Question asked by Saurabh Moghe on Oct 6, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2014 by Simone Vitucci
We are using Beestack code on Mc13224. The documentation claims that the end device rejoins to the Zigbee network once it is back in the network. Let me explain the scenario that we are trying to create.

Our end nodes are moving. They transmit data when they are in network. The end node may get out of the Zigbee network and come back in. The moment they are in they should be automatically rejoined to the network and start transmitting data again.

Our observation is that the end node does not even attempt to rejoin the network. We verified this observation using Zigbee network analyzer.

We are modifing the code to be able to achieve network rejoin. We are using 'ZDO_Start(gZdoStartMode_OrphanRejoin_c)' But this work only for the first time. There is no documentation for this function. We are not able to figure out what functions have to be used to enable rejoin

Could anyone please help us in getting the rejoin to work automatically?

We are working on
1. MC13224 v2.1
2. Beestack ARM7 codebase - 3.0.4
3. IAR version 5.20