Vasanta Tanna

Is TYPE_POST method doesn't work for CF LITE web server code?

Discussion created by Vasanta Tanna on Oct 6, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2009 by Marc Vandenhende

wrote small html code method type POST for 5223xDEMO board, but in web server code, TYPE_POST under 52259 code, any idea it doesn't work for 5223X?. freescale_http.c file shows below:


/FSL added TYPE_POST capability to allow upload of S19 S-Record via Web Browser
ifdef MCF52259                 //FSL devices ported too

       if( freescale_http_sessions[session].headertype == TYPE_POST )
               if( !filename[0] )
                       printf( "\nError with s-record file %s\n",filename );
                       freescale_http_sessions[session].state = EMG_HTTP_STATE_CLOSE;
               freescale_http_sessions[session].state          = EMG_HTTP_STATE_S19_UPLOAD_FILE;

       if( freescale_http_sessions[session].headertype == TYPE_GET )
               collect_sensor_data( );

               if( filename[0] )
                       pre_process_filename( filename );