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TPM2CLK Input Not Getting Pulled Up (AC32)

Question asked by Lou Calkins on Sep 29, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2009 by Lou Calkins

I am using an 'AC32 part and want to use an external clock source for TPM2.  I have an open collector driver currently driving that port pin (PTD4/TPM2CLK/AD1P12) and it is pulled up internally.  When used just as an input port with the internal pull-up enabled, it works fine (i.e. the pullup works).  When used as an external clock input, the pull-up does not seem to be there.


The manual states, "When any pin associated with the timer is configured as a timer input, a passive pullup can be enabled."  That sounds like my pull-up should work.  My internal pull-up is still enabled, but it does not pull the pin high when configured as TPM2CLK.  Any clues?