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Codewarrior - Coldfire V1, external code + data

Discussion created by Sebastian Grams on Sep 23, 2009
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i use a coldfire V1 controller an would like place a data structure in to a external flash.

In the data structure is a list of pointers to some flash locations + constant data.



static const struct Character fontData[] = { {0x0000, 0x03}, {0x0006, 0x01}, {0x0008, 0x03},  {0x000E, 0x07}, {0x001C, 0x05}, {0x0026, 0x09},  {0x0038, 0x07}, {0x0046, 0x01}, {0x0048, 0x03},  {0x004E, 0x03}, {0x0054, 0x05}, {0x005E, 0x05},  {0x0068, 0x01}, {0x006A, 0x03}, {0x0070, 0x01},  {0x0072, 0x03}, {0x0078, 0x05}, {0x0082, 0x03},  {0x0088, 0x05}, {0x0092, 0x05}, {0x009C, 0x05},  {0x00A6, 0x05}, {0x00B0, 0x05}, {0x00BA, 0x05},  {0x00C4, 0x05}, {0x00CE, 0x05}, {0x00D8, 0x01},

This data have to be place in a external Flash memory. I use the the Codewarrior for Microcontroller compiler. I have try i with the section argument without a result.

The compiled data can place in a not used memory section -> i can extract it (from the s19 dile) to a external flash file to fill the data flash.


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