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9S08DZ32: Can EEPROM be read during erase/byte program of a different address?

Discussion created by Roland Borrmann on Sep 22, 2009
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I am migrating software from 68HC05X16 to 9S08DZ32. For 68HC05 EEPROM the data sheet says:

"If a read operation is executed while the E1LAT bit is set (erase or programming sequence), data resulting from the operation will be $FF."


In the 9S08DZ data sheet I cannot find a similar statement regarding EEPROM-read while a programming/erase cycle is executed.


Does this mean that I can do the following: (?)


- I decide to erase EEPROM at address 0x1600

- I issue the "sector erase" command to do so

- While erase is performed (takes appr. 20ms) I decide to read from address 0x1608

   (NOT in the same sector as 0x1600)


Will this last step perform correctly (returning the byte stored at 0x1608)?


Thanks for any comments


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