68HC16 PD BDM and WinXP Interface!

Discussion created by Guest on Sep 21, 2009
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Hi there!
My name is Padelis and i am programming an interface for the PD BDM in WinXP.
I have downloaded the bdm_v090dbg.zip file and i am trying to port these files to WinXP. This is not as easy as i firstly thought. I am using VC++ 2008 Express and the interface is 2 windows, one form and one console! For now i use the console window for debugging purposes! As soon as i have a fully functional version i will get rid of the console window!
Anyway. What i have managed to do so far is to gain access to the parallel port without the need of an external program like allowio or userport. I have successfully reset, stop, run and step chip functions. And about an hour ago i managed to perform the Dumpregisters function! I am working on this project about 3 weeks! What i need to do now is to read the mcu, write to it, erase and verify blank and write!
As i said before i am using the old source files as a reference for my project. So the code is pretty much the same. Now i am trying to read the mcu and i can confirm that using the original code it does read something but i don't know what! When the mcu is disconnected it read reads 00s. When i connect to the mcu, reset and stop it, it reads FFs!! What ever starting address i should give. Maybe there is a mistake in the code and starts reading from the beginning. The programmed mcu in the start has all FFs till the 0x0010000 address where the data begin. So maybe i am reading just the start of the memory.
What i want to ask is for suggestions on my project. Has anyone done something similar? How should i read the memory and how can i erase it? What is the need of bdm_delay? I have many questions but one question at a time is easier!!!
Thank you in advance!