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sgmii support for MPC8313E processor problems...

Question asked by Naga Sandeep on Sep 21, 2009
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we are trying to connect a broadcom PHY for ethernet connectivity through sgmii interface provided by the processor .Reset config word is set so to sgmii mode.I made the changes in U-boot's tsec.c file following the implementation note "AN3354.pdf"  to configure the serdes.while booting up i printed the status register value of the serdes phy,the state meant that the autoneg field as '0'.The value should have been 1 instead.processor's serdes is not able to autoneg with PHY. phy autoneg is completed with the external network and shows the speed and duplex values.


I am not able to ping to some external IP from uboot prompt.


Do I need some extra configuration to be done..for sgmii support..?

the processor revision is 2.1

uboot is version 1.3.3

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