Rafa Jimenez

MCF52259. Align command in lcf file.

Discussion created by Rafa Jimenez on Sep 14, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2009 by Paolo Alcantara Cadillo

Dear all,


I would like to know when and why I have to use 0x4 or 0x10 alignment into the lcf file.

With CodeWarrior tools when It creates a new project used a 0x4 align in internal_flash target while in 'MCF5225x_Bootloader_with_Application' example project uses 0x10 align. I have seen others lcf file where It mix both alignements. I read  'ELF linker and Command Language' - Targetting Manual but I still without know when I have to use one of them. An example will be appreciate.


Thanks  in advance.