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9SC08QG4 TPM input capture and general input.

Question asked by Chris Reinink on Sep 13, 2009
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I'm using CodeWarrior in C to develop my software.


I've configured PTA0 on the 8pin device as an input capture (TPMCH0) input.  Can I still test the logic level on this pin by testing PTAD_PTA0 without having to change it to a General I/O first?


Also, I'm using interrupts to capture an input event, and saving the timer value to a variable (when the CH0F flag is set).  What is the difference between reading the TPMC0VH/L registers and TPMC0TH/L registers they appear to me to have the same information in them.  Is it a case that TPMC0VH/L is used for CH0F, and TPMC0TH/L is best used for T0F?