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CALL and RTC instruction details needed.

Discussion created by Tony Papadimitriou on Sep 11, 2009
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In all the manuals, reference guides, app notes etc I looked where there was (very brief ) talk about these two instructions (available only for MMU equipped MCUs, like the 9S08QE128), there was no mention of proper instruction format (e.g..., CALL Page,Address or CALL Extended24-bitAddress) the instruction opcode sequence, or the execution cycles.


I managed to find the opcodes ($AC for CALL xxxxxx and $8D for RTC -- if not, please correct me) but not the cycles (I reckon they should be about 7 for each).  Anyone knows? (I couldn't find an option for the CodeWarrior assembler to force the listing to show cycles, but then again I only had to use it this once -- to get the opcodes I needed -- and I don't it know well enough to dig up all available options, so maybe I missed it.)


By the way, Freescale, you should update your docs.  (Or is this an oversight due to the recent trend of writing all coding examples in C and letting the compiler figure out such trivial details?)

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