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Child task to access message queue

Discussion created by Carl Norman on Sep 8, 2009
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Is there an easy way to allow any child task to receive messages from a private message queue? The code was orginally written as if the queue ID was enough information to access the messages on the queue.


'Main_Task' creates pool / queue to the task 'RXI_Task'

'Main_Task' calls various functions which get data via the message queue to 'RXI_Task'


'Main_Task' then creates several child tasks which can call the same functions called from 'Main_Task', these functions get the data via 'RXI_Task' queue. The problem is when these child tasks are created, the message queue ID is no longer enough to get the messages from 'RXI_Task', only 'Main_Task' can access those messages.


There is a mutex protecting the functions from multipule tasks trying to access the msgq.


Do i have to rewrite this? or is there some other way?