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Ethernet and MC9S12NE64FS

Discussion created by Justin Abraham on Sep 7, 2009
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hello all,

I've been working with the PIC18 family and sending data over Ethernet to the PC. Now I need a microcontroller with integrated Ethernet. I've looked around and the MC9S12NE64FS series looks like a good option, so I'm thinking about buying the EVB9S12NE64IMG development board/kit.

Before I buy this kit I just need to know if this is the right kit for me. My project is to read in some parallel data (through I/O) and then send this data over Ethernet (as UDP packets) to a PC with as minimal delay as possible. Is this the right board to do this, are there any other boards/chips that you guys could suggest.

Ofcourse buying the MC9S12NE64FS chip would mean learning all the complexities of the chip and programming it from scratch. How difficult will it be to get up to speed with the EVB9S12NE64IMG, are there good examples provided with the kit? what editors are available to program in, besides CodeWarrior, any free ones?

Any suggestions /feedback would be appreciated,
Thank you :).