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I'm starting with Coldfire/CodeWarrior and MQX and I'm having several problems. My hardware and software is a MCF5229, a M5229Demokit, and CodeWarrior Development Studio 7.12. My main question is the next:


When I create a whole new project for my hardware, I obtain a minimal application "Hello world". I can run it with no problem when my "Selected target" is "INTERNAL_RAM". My application also run when my target is "CONSOLE_INTERNAL_RAM". But my application doesn't run when my target is "INTERNAL_FLASH". I obtain an message saying "Program "MCF52259_INTERNAL_FLASH.elf" is executing". But my application doen't run, not even with breakpoints.


So, could you help me? I suppose the solution is very simple, but after reading a lot of documentation, and searching in the forum, I haven't obtained any solution.


Thanks you in advance.



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