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How to remove the securrity state after executing mass_erase process.

Question asked by peter tsai on Sep 3, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2009 by David Payne
I use bdm interface with DIY to mass_erase a SH8 mcu. But its content all become 0xff. include the NVOPT location of flash. So the mcu into secure state. Then I can not hold on to program or burst code into it. I have attempted to reset or write 0x7e to NVOPT(0xffbf) after executing mass_erase process. But I found it out that the erase, program and burst process are all failure at the moment.How to unlock the secure state when executed mass_erase process. Please someone could give me any opinion. ps. But it can mass_erase and program code if use the ERASE_MODULE command of hivave.exe to erase the mcu.