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High Speed USB controller

Discussion created by John bob on Sep 2, 2009
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Hi, I have been searching to find a high speed USB (OTG or host) controller, that also has an evaluation board for it.  I have found a few, but there always seems to be a problem.  Either the eval board is cheap and the controller its self is expensive, or vise versa. 



I did find the MCF5253 which fits what I need almost perfectly but there's a halt on ordering.  I found the beagleboard, but that has a lot on it I do not need, and the controller itself is expensive (~$60).  I've searched for PICs and cant find any which support high speed.


So my question is does anyone know of a low cost High Speed USB (host or OTG) controller which also has an available evaluation board for under $300?  I know thats a tight spec but I'm running out of ideas here.










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