Gary Nelson

ColdWarrior mysteriously changing output target file extension

Discussion created by Gary Nelson on Sep 1, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2009 by Gary Nelson

We are using the lastest CodeWarrior for ColdFire 7.1.2 build 11, along with the verison MQX 3.2.  Furthermore, for reasons of version control, we have elected to use the "Use text-based projects" setting".  Otherwise we are using most of the project settings as defined in the MQX library project.


We've noticed some strange behavior whereby it appears that sometimes CodeWarrior will automatically change the output library file extension from 'mqx.a' to 'mqx.alf'.  This only seems to happen in the MQX PSP project (which is responsible for building mqx.a).


Has anyone heard of this or experienced this behavior from CodeWarrior?