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Mulitple Line Macros in Codewarrior

Question asked by James Kime on Sep 1, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2009 by CompilerGuru


Everytime that I try to compile my code with multiple line macros I get an error:


Error  :  C2450: Expected:  ~(IDENT auto const extern registrar static typedef volatile __interrupt


The code that it is refering to is:


#define PACK8(x,y)       \       
{                               \
  CLEAR8(0, x, 0xff);     \
  PUT8(0, x, y, 0xff);    \


I have used this same syntax in many other compilers, but I can not get it to compile in Codewarrior for Microcontrollers V6.2.


I would greatly appreciate any advice.  Due to the nature of the code, changing these macros to single line ones would not be a desirable solution.