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Can't download code to the MCU (MCF51JM)

Question asked by sebasira on Aug 30, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2009 by kef

Hello Everydoy!

I've got a DEMO JM Board wich I was using withou problem till just a few seconds ago. Now I can't download the code to the MCU. The MCU is MCF51JM128 (red daugther card), and I've got no other harware.

I was testing the MSCAN module, writing some code, then downloading it... the I did a few changes to the code and when I went to download it, some error windows appears and this is what they say:



MESSAGE: The operation has been canceled




MESSAGE: Error while writing to 0..200

               Information: No memory at this address



MESSAGE: Failed to load <project path>



And in the  command window this is what I get:


Loading Target ...
IO registers loaded for MCF51JM128 from C:\Archivos de programa\Freescale\CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers V6.1\prog\REG\MCU7003.REG
USB-ML-12 detected - Flash Version 5.74
Frequency change to ~8693077hz.
Frequency change to ~23906250hz.
executing .\cmd\CFV1_BDM_P&E_Multilink_CyclonePro_startup.cmd

!// At startup the commands written below will be executed
Target Ready
done .\cmd\CFV1_BDM_P&E_Multilink_CyclonePro_startup.cmd

Startup command file correctly executed.
executing CFV1_BDM_P&E_Multilink_CyclonePro.hwc

done CFV1_BDM_P&E_Multilink_CyclonePro.hwc

executing .\cmd\CFV1_BDM_P&E_Multilink_CyclonePro_preload.cmd

!// Before load the commands written below will be executed
Warning - Exception Occured. (PE.34)
Exception Message :
No Link To Target
done .\cmd\CFV1_BDM_P&E_Multilink_CyclonePro_preload.cmd

Preload command file correctly executed.
Warning - Exception Occured. (PE.438)
Exception Message :

Device trimming not successful.
Error: No connection read byte memory access.
FP: No valid FPP file loaded!

executing .\cmd\CFV1_BDM_P&E_Multilink_CyclonePro_postload.cmd

!// After load the commands written below will be executed
done .\cmd\CFV1_BDM_P&E_Multilink_CyclonePro_postload.cmd

Postload command file correctly executed.