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CPU bean for the MC9S08QG8_16

Discussion created by Guillaume De Smedt on Aug 26, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2009 by David Payne

Hi guys...


I've been handed a project and I need to continue coding the chip... MC9S08QG8_16 and the problem is that processor expert in CodeWarrior tells me that the CPU aint supported.


I've visited Processor experts' site and can't seem to download the necesarry CPU bean!


I'm using CodeWarrior 5.6 with Processor Expert 2.94.. I know it's old but I need to get this project going A.S.A.P!


Can ANYONE please help me.. or e-mail me the neccessary files.. PLEASE!




I've tried creating a new project using the wizard... ran through the steps... found the QG chip mentioned and selected it and everything seemed fine. When it finished it said that a error occurred and that it was looking for the following file..

"C:\Program Files\Metrowerks\CW08 V3.1\bin\Plugins\support\HC(S)08Wizard\DataBase\pe\"

I went to the folder to find all the other and files etc. are there... excepting the one that I actually NEED!!!

man this is frustrating!

Can these *.pe files be downloaded anywhere?
Also... once this was finished it aked me to please find the target CPU bean.. it had ALL the other chips made by man... excepting the  MC9S08QG8 chip!
Can I download this anywhere???
Kind regards!