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Debugger to show internal clock speed, baud, timer rates, ADC conversion times etc

Question asked by Carl Norman on Aug 26, 2009
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It would be GREAT if the debugger could show the internal timing based on the settings of the processor. Every time we set up a new processor we are forever trying to calculate baud rates, timers rates, input capture compare rates, overflow times etc Why doesnt it just show all this in the debugger :smileyhappy:


Internal Clock =

Timer X singe clock time =

Baud rate = 

ADC Conversion time = 

Input/Output Capture singe clock time =



All the things the debugger can easily tell you...


If you could set an external xtal setting using some #pragma this would allow the debugger to tell you the same info when the external xtal is setup.


We have been moving a heap of designs from 05 to S08 and there are so many variation and changes its always a 'task' that should really be done for you...


I think beans look after this, but we just use straight c or assembly.

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