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SD card FAT16/32 filing system

Discussion created by Steve Church on Aug 25, 2009
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I'm trying to put together a system to record and playback .wav files using an SD card. 16kHz 16 bit mono. These need to be readable by a PC and also the system must be able to play .wav files produced by the PC. I'm using a third party filing system at present but this seems to suffer from large periods of waiting while it allocates new clusters, sometimes over 200ms which is a lot of data time (over 7kB worth). I'm running this on a JM60 at 24MHz so hardly slow and using a 12MHz SD clock. Does anyone know of any available FAT16/32 filing systems that I can look at, that will work on an 8 bit system?


Seems these SD cards are more complicated when used with a filing system. I thought they should easily handle a 32kB/sec recording data rate. Does anyone have any experience of this?