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CodeWarrior - Processor expert - IntFlash Bean-  Compiler Error

Question asked by Alireza Bolourchian on Aug 25, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2009 by Processor Expert

Hello Everybody


I’m working with a licensed CodeWarrior ver. 5.9 and Processor expert and my MCU is MC9S12E128QFP80


I have a problem with the IntFlash bean in processor expert

I added the bean to my program and when I try to compile it I'm getting each time this error from compiler.




  +ERROR: Compiler option -CpPPAGE=0x30 (address of PPAGE register) or -CpPPAGE=RUNTIME must be set to compile the generated code correctly

(current target settings, Compiler for HC12, Options, Code Generation tab, PPAGE register is used for paging). After compiler option change,

run Code design to apply the change in Processor Expert. For details, see Help of the bean.


I m trying just use this bean in a simple programming such as




IFsh1_GetByteFlash(0x7000,&data) ;


 I was wondering if anybody can help me

Thank you