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MCF52259 Demo Board UART ISR Help.

Question asked by Van Truong on Aug 24, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2009 by Van Truong

Hi All,


I have tried for a long time trying to get the UART ISR working for this board but without any success.  At the latest, I used the device initialization to initialize all the required i/o.  I think I got what I need.  But things are not working.  So I don't have all that I need, I suppose.  I noticed when I looked at the register, the URB0 is not getting the characters that it should get.  I think the ISR is working, but the characters are not correct.


In any case, could you look at my files and see what I could have missed?  I am using the MCF52259 Demo board, but the device I chose is just the MCF52259 chip, not the MCF52259DEMO board.


Thank you in advance.






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