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Options to enable user to do flash updates?

Discussion created by Sven Kopacz on Aug 24, 2009
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I am thinking about how to enable users to do flash updates for our products. We use ColdFire V1 and several H/R/S08 cores.

The basic requirements are of course the process being as easy (for the user) and as cheap (for us, not more than around 10,- bucks per product) as possible.


The interface has to be USB i guess, since almost no PC offers anymore serial ports these days. So there dont seem to be any widely available alternatives.


However handing every customer a BDM cable plus have them install the whole Codewarrior suite to flash the update is obviously not an option.


I wonder if there is any kind of bootloader available that would read and flash an update through one of the MCUs built in UARTs. This could then be interfaced to USB via a simple FTD chip. Also a windows tool is needed to send the new image to the MCU.


Another thought was to use a Freescale MCU of the JM range and add this to the project (instead of an FTD device), since these come with USB already and are pretty afordable. Also as far as I know the free portion of the USB stack implements a serial interface already. The JM could communicate with the BDM port of the target CPU directly, so no new bootloader was needed. However all the software to turn the JM MCU into a flash device is needed. Plus the windows tool of course.


We could start developing something like this...but my guess is, that this - or any other solution I'd be glad to hear of - has all been done before, I just can't seem to find it. Would someone be so kind and point me to a solution to the "user flash update process"?


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