John Dammeyer

Creating a subset of the Softec SK-S12XDP512-A Starter kit

Discussion created by John Dammeyer on Aug 24, 2009
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I need to build a subset of the Softec starter kit in a much smaller form factor.  It needs the 9S12, the 5 CAN ports, a Serial port, 8 diagnostic LEDs and the C and D ports will be connected to an FTDI-USB245 which I currently have prototyped on the starter kit.


Really a small project but it's the 5 CAN ports that are the important part.


The other thing I'd like is the M9S12UF32 with onboard USB to BDM debugger.  Where do I find that?


 If the UF32 isn't available what is available for a simple debugger/programmer to leave permanently connected to the USB.  I've heard rumours about many of the BDM programmers sporadically reseting the processor if they are left connected.