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Separate one file into 2 files to use Ram and EEPROM

Question asked by B.A. Taylor on Aug 22, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2009 by B.A. Taylor

I am using MinIDE assembler. I am using  a HC11K4 processor. The processor has $300 ram.  The problem is, I have run out of ram. I would like to have a way to place part of the file in ram and part in EEPROM. I think a linker would do this but, I have no idea of how to use a linker. I tried looking at Codewarrior but could not make much sense of it. About the only thing I understood about it was that I had to make at least one of the files a .prm file. After that I got lost.

 Can someone tell me , easy to understand, how I may do this using Codewarrior.

Thanks for any help