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Need a help about MCF52259

Question asked by Yu TianYu on Aug 21, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2009 by Van Truong
I am an engineer in P.R.China.Recently , I,all the while, learned the MCF52259 DEMOKIT for a long time. I have already updated the open source BDM of firmware of MC9S08JM60 which was intergated in MCF52259 DEMOKIT by the last firmware that was downloaded from,%20Boot%20Code,%20Headers,%20Monitors,%20Etc.&WT_VENDOR=FREESCALE&WT_FILE_FORMAT=zip&WT_ASSET=Downloads
I also updated CodeWarrior 7.1 Pro with SP7.1.1 and SP7.1.2; Now,I can download a very simple C code program and debug with step into and step over and other debug ways to help me to solve the various logic problem.But i can't downloaded the Micrium TCP/IP Example code which was included in DVD into rhe MCF52259 DEMOKIT after pressing the Debug button in Codewarrior environment.The error messages was attached in the post.And i also can not download the interNiche Lite example into the demokit after pressing the Debug button in Codewarrior environment. The error messages was attached in the post.
The FreeRtos Example may download into the demokit,But the PC pointer of the Codewarrior in debug environment doesn't locate on function named main() that is in main.c file.The PC pointer does locate on a assembly language file named mcf5225x_lo.s.The picture of it also attached in the mail.I really don't know why happens.Do you know the causes? How to locate on the main() in main.c file??
I don't know why happened these matters.Do you know ?
In fact, the Micrium TCP/IP Example code also had the same phenomenons after pressing the debug button in codewarrior. When i wanted to run to the instruction jsr main/* Jump to the main process */ in mcf5225x_lo.s file(Pleses look at micrium tcp_ip error0.bmp and micrium tcp_ip error1.bmp in the attachment),there was a error message to show me.(Pleses look at micrium tcp_ip error2.bmp in the attachment)
I clicked the button 确切 that means OK in English. The third picture named Micrium tcp_ip error3.bmp in attachment was shown to me.
Finally, I tried to click the step into button in the tool bar.The Micrium tcp_ip error4.bmp which also included in the attachment showed to me.
I must say the picture named Micrium tcp_ip error4.bmp always tell the programer that open source BDM of firmware of MC9S08JM60 which was intergated in MCF52259 DEMOKIT must be updated, because of it is too old. However,In fact,I have already udated for it. I really don't know what cause lead to the phenomenons.
At last, i want to know there are many errors in the last OS_BDM of MC9S08JM60 which was downloaded and updated ?
I can't believe that.If it is the truth, Why i download the simple code into the DemoKit?
I really hope to get your reply as soon as possible.
Thank You for your help.
Best regard
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