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CodeWarrior-AN2720- I want a program in C for writing in Flash Memory

Question asked by Alireza Bolourchian on Aug 20, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2009 by Alireza Bolourchian

Hello everybody!

I'm trying to write a program in C in Codewarrior for writing data in flash memory.

I'm using a 9S12E128 16 bit microelectronic with a Licensed Codewarrior v5.9.

I have many difficulty in this way. I have studied many books and test many subroutine.

Found a application note and program in freescale website(A2720) for Flash Programming but I couldn't find the file Flash.h in the download files so it does not work unfortunately.

I'm looking for a fastest way to get result.

Is anybody can help me please?