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CodeWarrior Power Architecture New Project Files

Discussion created by Patrick Johnson on Aug 20, 2009
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I apologize if this topic has been brought up before.  If so, could someone please tell me how to find previous threads regarding this topic.


I am new to CodeWarrior.  I am using version 2.3. 


I see that when I create a new project (for the MPC5566), there are several files that are generated for me.  I am having trouble understanding how these files work.  If I run this default program (main.c does nothing but loop forever), the program runs correctly.  However, main.c doesn't seem to call any of the functions in these files such as MPC55xx_init.c or __ppc_eabi_init.c.


Also, if I load any of the example programs in the Freescale folder, these programs run properly and they don't seem to use anything in these files either.


I understand the purpose of the lcf files.


What do all of these files do?  Which ones are really needed if the programs run without calling any functions in these files?


Also, I have Rappid for MPC5566.  I am thinking that to use the Rappid generated code, I would still create a new project with this wizard (which creates these files in question), and add the Rappid generated code to it??  Or do I just use the Rappid code and nothing else?



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