codewarrior 8.8.3  Unable to call the command line tool

Discussion created by JING WENLIN on Aug 19, 2009
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I`m using  codewarrior to debug uboot for mpc8379eRDB.

My CPU is mpc8379e

My OS is windowsXP

My codewarrior version is v8.8.3 with mpc837x patch.


I prepared uboot followed the document<Debugging the U-Boot Bootstrap Firmware> in cw help.

I opened uboot elf in cw and selected EPPC linux gnu linker to make the uboot source code.


Cw gave me this error:"unable to call the command line tool.check your path environment variable" 


I googled this error and somebody said  the uboot source code path is too long.But my uboot source is just in C:\


Does anybody knew why this error happend?