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UART on DEMO51AC does not work in debug mode?

Question asked by Sven Kopacz on Aug 19, 2009
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I am working with a DEMOAC board with the 51AC256 MCU. Codewarrior 6.2 with patch 6.2.2.

I've been trying all day to get some serial communication between two MCUs (both AC256) to work, until i FINALLY found, that the UARTs simply doent work correctly when the programm in the MCU is started from within the debugger.

When I simply close the debugger window and hit the reset button on the demo board (yeah, the real hardware reset button), then everything works just fine and reliably well.


Is there any reason for this (it seems the timing gets screwed up which is probably due to the BDM comms) and, more important, is there any way around this, since it makes using the debugger on UART applications pretty, uhm, pointless?