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Memory mapped I/O from Linux device driver

Question asked by Jon Burke on Aug 14, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2010 by Jon Burke

I'm new to Linux device driver writing. Can anyone offer any advice on the proper way to access memory mapped hardware registers?


I'm tinkering with stuff using MCF54455EVB. This has a 7-segment LED display. So, from u-boot I can display "12" on it just by doing:


-> mw.l 0x09000014 0x12


Now I'm trying to do the same thing from a Linux device driver. According to books/online sources this should work:


 #define LED_REG_ADDRESS 0x09000014
  void __iomem *reg;
  request_mem_region(LED_REG_ADDRESS, 4, "LED");
  reg = ioremap_nocache(LED_REG_ADDRESS, 4);
  printk(KERN_INFO "LED phys = %x, virtual = %x\n",
     (unsigned int)reg);
  writel(0x00000012, reg);

I'm assuming that ioremap_nocache should program the MMU to give a translation from kernal allocated virtual address to the actual physical register addess with no cacheing.  When it runs it prints the following, but the LED does not change.


 LED phys = 9000014, virtual = e1002014


and /proc/iomem shows me that the address has been registered. Have tried all sorts of variations on the above code, but nothing works. Anybody have any ideas?