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ColdFire TCP/IP Lite Feedback

Question asked by TomLEE on Aug 13, 2009
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this my first developpment in Coldfire MCF52233 and I am using the M52233DEMO board with Coldfire TCP/IP Lite Stack V3.0 and V3.2.

On 3.0 version, all is working fine but with the latest version, I can not activate the UART console.

I set NPDEBUG = 1, on the demo board, the UART number is 0 so I do not modify it in CONSOLE_UART (=0).

The "printf" function don't work (ie: after reset, in main.c, printf("\n\nRunning ColdFire TCP/IP-Lite stack Revision 3.1\n"):smileywink: but I have nothing on hyperterminal.

With V3.0, it works.


As I have trouble to run Coldfire_Lite_UDP_client, I want to debug with UART.


Could you help me, please ?

Thank you,

best regards,

Thomas RETAIL.


PS: sorry for my english, I don't speak fluently...