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CodeWarrior sample code for 56F8367

Discussion created by Maria Milo on Aug 12, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2009 by Pascal Irrle
I currently have a project to create a FW for 56F8367 Microprocessor. I have no experience with embedded design, I am totally new in this field. However I manage to play around CodeWarrior.

I want to know if anyone can share a sample code in creating a FW.The schematic diagram of my project would need to access the following: PWM, CAN, JTAG, ADC, GPIO, LED, FSRAM and others. I was able to configure JTAG using USB Tap and to make LED work.

If anyone can provide a pattern/ sample source code that I can easily study, i would really appreciate. I only have limited time for this project.

I hope someone can help out. Big thanks in advance.