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making BDM operation in S12XET256

Question asked by Kwang Ho Ahn Employee on Aug 10, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2009 by pgo

My customer want to down load Srecord from Mater MCU(S12XET256) to Slave MCU(S12DG128) by BKGD pin.
So, They  connected Two MCU as below.

Master MCU                      Slave MCU

PortA1          <------>             BKGD
PortA2          <------>             Reset

Only two pin used.
Then, they used OSBDM(open source BDM) source code.( for two pin used, they changed some code) In writing operation, Flash memory writing is not good work. But, Ram memory writing is good work.( reading operation is good ) First question, Do they need flash writing algorithm down load at ram memory before write command execution?
Second question, Could you help or recommend in this customer try?